You can train in India or abroad.

Make sure that the flight school you choose is DGCA approved.

Typically, flight training involves the following stages

Private Pilot’s License (PPL)– You will essentially cover general handling, take-offs/landings, your first solo, navigation which will include going from place A to place B, diversions, and some basic instrument flying after which you will do a Skills Test (check-ride) to get your license. Your training will typically be done on a Single Engine Piston Cessna 152/172 or any other DGCA approved single-engine aircraft that you choose. There is no Autopilot!

Hour Building – Once you achieve your license, you are essentially in charge as a “Pilot in Command”, you will have to build enough hours before you begin your next phase. You can do as you wish in this phase – the best though, is to focus on your competencies! You can fly to different destinations, carry your family and friends, try challenging airports, challenging conditions within limits, and develop your confidence in flying. Roughly you will need 100 Pilot in Command hours before you proceed onto the next course. 

Instrument Rating – Yes, so far all the flying you would have done is VFR – Visual Flight Rules where you are clear of clouds and in good visibility! Flying under IFR – Instrument Flying Rules is fairly challenging and requires its own section. In Instrument flying you will learn to fly in marginal weather conditions (or simulate) where you will have to demonstrate that you can fly from A to B using Navigation Beacons/Waypoints etc. and conduct approaches such as VOR/ILS/RNAV/NDB (don’t worry if you don’t know them yet!). Once you can safely prove you can fly an aircraft safely you will achieve your Rating after a Skills Test.

Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) – This course is similar to a Private Pilot’s License course but on an advanced level. You will also have to demonstrate that you can fly more accurately covering a range of navigational challenges before you pass your Skills Test again. Once you complete your check you are now a qualified Commercial Pilot, but there is more to come!

Multi-Engine Rating – Now that you are confident flying a Single Engine aircraft, you will progress to fly a more complex aircraft such as the Diamond DA42 where you will learn to fly with two engines (with one mostly off!) and demonstrate that you can handle the aircraft safely with failures. Normally this is a fun course and can be completed in 25 hours (15 aircraft and 10 simulator).

Now you are a fully-fledged Commercial Pilot with Multi-Engine/Instrument Rating commonly known as “CPL ME/IR”!

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Training in India

Flight training in India typically takes about 12-24 months to complete. DGCA exams Air Navigation, Air Meteorology, Air Regulations, Technical General & Specific, and RTR are required to be passed. Click below for the list of approved Flight Training Organisations (FTOs).

Flight Training200 hrs
Theoretical Training (approx)500 hrs
Multi-Engine training15 hrs
Total expenditure*₹ 40,00,000
*Costs are approximate and may vary with time and differ as per flight school

Training in the USA

The USA is one of the most sought-after destinations for flight training in the world. It is a hub for general aviation and is home to thousands of flight schools. Before choosing a flight school, check whether or not the school has DGCA approval and can fulfill all requirements. Register with us for a free 15-minute one-on-one session where you can ask all your questions about choosing a flight school.

Flight Time (SE 172)185 hrs
Ground School105 hrs
Multi-Engine Training15 hrs
Total Expenditure*₹45,00,000
*Costs are approximate and may vary with time and differ as per flight school

License Conversion

We provide one on one guidance on the tedious License conversion process (FAA to DGCA). Contact us for smooth processing and zero wastage of time and money. Read more about license conversion here

Computer Number Application
DGCA Composite Exam Preparation
EGCA Set up, Registration, Logbook, etc
DGCA Documentation
Medical facilitation
Registration, Conversion & CPL application with a prestigious flight school in India

Other countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc. also provide really good standards of flight training.


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