The inspiration to launch Indian Aviator comes from two passionate individuals who with the unique experience of holding CPLs from multiple countries have an ability to in-depth explain the flight training and licensing process.

Our vision is to see the Indian Aviation industry at par with international standards, the basis of which lies in making information more accessible for anyone who dreams of becoming a Pilot in India.

We aim to be the “wind beneath your wings”making dreams take flight”


Faguni is a qualified Airbus Pilot with DGCA (Indian) and FAA (American) Pilot’s Licenses.


Dipeet is an Indian-born Boeing 777 Pilot from the UK, a 1st class holder of a BSc Airline Operations degree, and the co-founder of Indian Aviator. Dipeet’s First Officer exposure to working with a wide range of airlines from a low-cost carrier to charter/leisure to even a flag carrier has given him a wealth of experience in the industry. Dipeet is passionate about assisting pilots from all backgrounds to achieve their goals for an aviation career, for which he believes information should be easily accessible. Dipeet’s involvement as a Pilot Mentor, Chair Member of a famous Aviation Charity, and working in the Management department of the Airline has provided him ample exposure to the aviation sector. Dipeet has been fortunate to have interviewed famous aviators like Captain “Sully” from Hudson; appeared on TV channels to talk about aviation; been a dream catcher speaker in schools and received an award from HRH Prince Philip of the UK for helping others in the industry. Dipeet’s vision for Indian Aviator is to become a “one-stop platform” for all future trainees and current Pilots in India to get all the information about this career.


Founded in 2021, for pilots by pilots.

Faguni Saxena (DGCA & FAA Commercial Pilot)

Dipeet Mehta (UK, EASA Airline Pilot)

Please note all information is based on practical experience and procedures with regulations valid at that time. Always check for the most updated information directly with the supplier, regulator, and other means. We hope you enjoy our website!