The Ultimate CHECKLIST!

To become an Airline Pilot, you will have to complete various ratings to have on your license. There is simply no one way to become an Airline Pilot.

The time you take to become an Airline Pilot will largely depend on your financial position, flight school, and seriousness which will govern the route you take. 

But, no matter what route you end up with, you will need to complete the following tasks along the way.

Make sure you have the following ready before getting ready to tick off this checklist!



You should be medically FIT as declared by DGCA Class II & Class I medical examiners.


DGCA Exams & RTR(A)

Clear DGCA Exams and WPC’s RTR(A)


Flight Training

Train in India or abroad.


Application Process

Apply for your DGCA license through the online eGCA portal.

*Medicals can be obtained at 16 years of age.


Faguni Saxena (DGCA & FAA Commercial Pilot)

Dipeet Mehta (UK, EASA Airline Pilot)

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