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We aim to grow, to become a one-stop-shop for Indian Aviators. Everything ranging from licensing, training, and medical examinations to  CV guides, Pilot Resume building, Airline entry preperations. Except, we don’t sell anything..and you don’t pay us…but, you get it.


Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

CORSIA was formed by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) in 2016 to address the increase in total CO2
emissions caused due to international aviation. It offers a harmonized way to reduce emissions from international aviation ensuring that there is no market distortion, while respecting the special circumstances and respective capabilities of ICAO Member States.


Although India participated in the initiative, there are a lot of speed bumps to cross.

India and CORSIA


We are meant to fly!

Owing to the devastating impact of COVID-19, the Indian airlines  will incur a loss of $4.1 billion loss in the current fiscal (2021-22), with another $3.9 billion losses reported in the last fiscal, according to a June 3, 2021 report by aviation consultancy and research firm, Centre for Asia-Pacific Aviation (CAPA). The airlines have been forced to ground airplanes in the absence of passengers, airport operators too had to close down a few terminals. But, according to a report published by Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian Aviation industry is still expected to overtake the UK to become the third largest air passenger market by 2024. 

Read the complete report here.


Middle class demographics are increasing, thus increasing demand for air travel.


 MRO in aviation is the repair, service, or inspection of an aircraft or aircraft component. Rapid growth expected in the MRO industry.


The government lowered the custom duty from 2.5% to 0% on components or parts, including engines, for manufacturing of aircraft by public sector units of the Ministry of Defence.


Investment to the tune of Rs. 420-450 billion is expected in India’s airport infrastructure. Private sector participation is growing through Public-Private Partnership.


Connecting the Global Pilot Training Stakeholders


A digital platform which provides as much information as possible to aspiring pilots around the world and connects them with the Global Pilot Training Infrastructure through a Flight School Directory.

Flight School Directory

The core focus of the platform is to address the main two questions of aspiring pilots; 

1. How to become a pilot?
2. Where to become a pilot?

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Greetings to aviation enthusiasts! I’m from a non aviation background, and luckily came across this page. Indian Aviator helped me out with my queries through a 15 minute free session. It was great and was hosted by the qualified team members. Thank You, Indian Aviator for clarifying my doubts. Even though you guys aren’t benefitted by this, you are actually spending time and efforts for helping the future of this country’s aviation industry. Keep up the good work Indian Aviator!

Anirudh Srivastav

Aspiring Pilot

This website is really a treasure for aspiring pilots like me! You have included all information that is needed, ranging from basics to specifics; which is actually really helpful. Speaking about the virtual meeting that you provide; the one-on-one guidance really cleared things up for me. Above all, all of this is free of cost! This is so great that you guide us for no cost. I am truly very thankful to Indian Aviator.

Shruti Parmar

Aspiring Pilot

Being from a non aviation background, it was a challenge for me to be able to find information regarding courses and schools for flying. It was surprising that the internet was so chaotic when it came to this topic, only broken and incomplete information everywhere. I am so very grateful that I came across Ms. Faguni Saxena, who has helped me so much that now I have a to do list and a plan all ready, while I was at a lack of knowledge about all this days before. And the very fact that these guys put in all this effort without aiming for any personal gains is so appreciable. Indian Aviator has been so helpful for me, I just can’t thank them enough!

Pavit Kaur Behniwal

Aspiring Pilot

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