APPLICATION PROCEDURE for your Commercial Pilot License

After completion of DGCA Exams, RTR, and your Flight Training, it’s time to apply for the issuance of your Commercial Pilot License!

DGCA conversion: Foreign license conversion


To convert your foreign CPL to DGCA CPL, follow the steps given in the User Manual. The requirements are listed in Civil Aviation Requirements Series “G” Part I.

Convert Multi engine rating to DGCA

Conversion of Additional Ratings (Multi-engine Rating)

Additional aircraft ratings can also be converted from a foreign license to a DGCA pilot license. Click below for the detailed procedure.

We provide one on one guidance on the tedious License conversion process (FAA to DGCA). Contact us for smooth processing and zero wastage of time and money.

Computer Number Application
DGCA Composite Exam Preparation
EGCA Set up, Registration, Logbook, etc
DGCA Documentation
Medical facilitation
Registration, Conversion & CPL application with a prestigious flight school in India


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Faguni Saxena (DGCA & FAA Commercial Pilot)

Dipeet Mehta (UK, EASA Airline Pilot)

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