First Officer Training

Your next steps will largely depend on where and what you end up flying. If you join an Airline as a First Officer the following training will be your journey towards the left-hand seat of an airliner.

Multi-Crew Cooperation Course  – If you notice, so far you have learned to fly everything yourself! But the flight deck has a two person crew (sometimes 3-4 depending on the type of operation). Here you will come together with a fellow Pilot who has completed similar training to you and will now have an opportunity to operate in a multi-pilot, multi-engine aircraft.

It will heavily focus on key Pilot Competencies which are covered above. You will learn skills such as Workload Management, Decision Making, Application of Procedures, Use of Checklists, Teamwork, etc. There is no real exam but it will allow your airline to understand how you would deal with challenges so it is very important you treat this phase as one!

Type Rating – Finally (actually not there yet!) you will begin a very important journey, your Type Rating. Depending on what aircraft your airline flies, you will have to do type-specific training to fly that aircraft.

Common aircraft in India you will find are Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Boeing 777, Airbus ATR72, Q400 to name a few. This is a very important phase of your career so far – In the Type Rating you will begin by learning the systems of your aircraft & you will end up flying using Computer Based Training, you will have to pass a theoretical exam and then you will be put on a Full Flight Simulator often known as Level D sim.

The number of sessions depends on your airline and regulations at that time but the way sessions work is you will have a 4-hour full flight simulator sortie with 2 hours briefing before and 1 hour debriefs after the session. Each session you will deal with complex issues such as Engine Failures, Unreliable Airspeeds, Dual Hydraulic Failures, Rejected Take Off, Evacuation to name a few items.

Other items also include Low Visibility Operations and Winter Operations where you will fly in extreme conditions as well as flying very close to the ground without visual reference (and deal with failures). In the end, you will complete an “LST” which is your License Proficiency Test with an examiner to get your Type Rating endorsed on your license.

THE FIGHTER BOY” has explained the process of Type Rating in detail.


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Please note all information is based on practical experience and procedures with regulations valid at that time. Always check for the most updated information directly with the supplier, regulator, and other means. We hope you enjoy our website!